History of Aerotech Czech

Aerotech Czech (ATC) was founded in 2005 as a 100% daughter Aerotech Peissenberg GmbH and CoKg (ATP), a well-known manufacturer of aircraft engines and gas turbines. The main competences of ATC consist in the machining of extremely heat resistant titanium- and nickel-based alloys or similar materials, necessary for manufacturing of complex and also high-speed aerospace engine components, with required precision up to 0,01 millimeters. Starting in 2006 from pre-milling and ’sonic shape’ works, through ‘near net shape’ in 2008 and final shape for non-critical parts in 2009, since 2013 is ATC a certified company by Rolls Royce UK for classified parts. Since the foundation, thanks to the close relation and support from the mother company, ATC grows continuously away from an elongated workbench up to a standalone center of competence in the aerospace division.

2005: Foundation of Drosten CZ s.r.o in October 13th and complete company refurbishment.

2006: Initial qualification and manufacturing technologies transfer. Starting of machining of Near Net Shape on turbine sealings, rings and segments for ATP

2008: Near Net Shape machining on discs (BOHLER)

2010: Final shape on non-critical parts machining. Starting of UT contour machining and testing for Aubert & Duval

2011: Drosten CZ s.r.o. company reorganization to Aerotech Czech s.r.o. as 100% daughter of Aerotech Peissenberg GmbH & Co. KG company.

2012: Starting of qualification for “Classified parts“ Rolls-Royce UK Signing of ARIANE 5 assembly contract

2013: Certification for “Classified parts“ Rolls-Royce UK

2014: Ramp up of Rolls-Royce Inchinnan and HPC parts package Starting of MTU Aero engines NEO parts machining trials.

2015: Qualification and start of series production project NEO PW1000 (A320 NEO), the Czech Republic joins the ARIANE 6 program, relocation of the final processing for V2500 (MTU).

2016: Introduction of uninterrupted operations on Unicen and in the test center. Prime Minister Sobotka visits ATC.

2017: Transition to SAP system. Series production of the Trent XWB blisks for Aubert Duval.

2018: Series production of additional Blisk components for Rolls-Royce. New machines MNC1002.

2019: Start of series production PW1500 (A220 NEO), dynamization of NEO components, new customer Otto Fuchs (UT, NNS processing). Successful testing of the ring groove on HPC components for blades (Rolls-Royce). Greater independence in technology and programming in ATC.